Pull Up Bar Core Unit by Gorilla Gym Review


A premier and great pull up bar, the Pull Up Bar Core Unit by Gorilla Gym is safer, much stable and does no harm to your door frame. This is a very compact pull up bar which will always assure you of quality and very safe workout sessions. Durability is beyond doubt with the Pull Up Bar Core Unit by Gorilla Gym


The Pull Up Bar Core Unit by Gorilla Gym is a very lightweight and compact pull up bar. You can easily travel with this pull up bar to any location and use it as it takes few minutes to have it installed. It is also adjustable to different doors thus making it a great pull up bar to move around with.


The Pull Up Bar Core Unit by Gorilla Gym has patented grips which ensure maximum comfort when you doing your workouts. There is no need of gloves when using this pull up bar. The patenting is also used in ensuring there are no marks on your door frame.

Features and specifications

  • Compact and stable
  • Lightweight and portable
  • ASTM safety certified for up to 300 lbs.
  • Installs in all standard 25 doors
  • Patented vise-grips to secure your doorway
  • Enables 3x more upper-body exercises than other regular pull up bars.
  • Product Dimensions: 16 inches x 14 inches x 38 inches


  • Easy to build and install
  • Compact and stable, less movement and noise when being used.
  • Offers great comfort when being used due to the patented grips
  • Portable due to its lightweight

Customer reviews

I was greatly amazed at how easy it is to install the Pull Up Bar Core Unit by Gorilla Gym, assembly instruction are intuitive and easy to understand, the pull up bar comes up pretty easy. The pull up bar uses different methods to secure it to different doors and once it’s well installed you are assured of 100% safety. I weigh (200lbs) and the pull up bar works great even with my weight. The pull up bar also has very soft foam pads on each and every part that might touch the wall or door frame. This helps in ensuring there are no marks on the wall.

The Gorilla Gym is one very fantastic product, after ordering it, I received in almost 48 hours, as soon as I got the pull up bar, I was able to assemble it with a lot of ease and have it on my door by following the instructions on the manual. I share my room with my friends so I put the pull up bar on the wall and the remove it as soon as am done with my work out, it is very easy to install and remove the pull up bar from the door.

The pull up bar is very solid and stable, easy to assemble and also install. A great pull up bar and would recommend it to people who love workouts and quality.

We got a complaint from one customer that they were not able to do much wider pull-ups and chin –ups. This problem is easily solved by purchasing a pull up extender.


The Pull Up Bar Core Unit by Gorilla Gym is a very effective and convenient pull up bar, easy installation, ease of use, quality workouts, compact and stability among other great features. Get this pull up bar for the best workouts.