I-Beam Straight Pull Up Bar / Chin Up Bar Review


The original I-Beam pull up bar designed by PRO mountings is a desired equipment for commercial gyms, professional trainers and military troops. Made with strong metallic material, this I-Beam Straight Pull Up Bar can handle weight of up to 450 pounds. They can be used at homes as they do not occupy much space. Compared to other pull up bars, this PRO mountings pull up bar can be easily be mounted to any steel I-Beams from 3-1/2” to 10” wide.

Grip positions

Depending on one’s height and arm size, adjustable grip positions are a priority any pull up bar must have. This I-Beam Straight Pull Up Bar with straight ends have three grip positions; wide and close on one side, and a neutral on the other side. The different grip positions will better the grip strengths of any body builder, increasing fat loss and muscle build up.

Hardware included I-Beam Straight Pull Up Bar / Chin Up Bar – (Yellow Long Bar with Straight Ends) comes with a kit that includes all hardware that will be used to install the pull up bar to the desired areas. A drill, mounting bolts, screws along with mounting instructions make installation of the pull up bar an easy and safe task that does not need expert skills.

Features and specifications

  • Three grip positions
  • Installed on steel I-beams
  • Instruction manual included
  • Made of heavy gauge material


  • Improved stability for better workouts. It is mounted on steel I-beams that will support the pull up bar and enable it handle people of up to 450 pounds.
  • Easy installation as full assembly and mounting instructions manual is provided
  • Occupies limited space creating space for more gym equipment

Customer reviews

Great product worth its price. I have been using I-Beam Straight Pull Up Bar for a couple of months now and I am impressed by its quality. I am not a handy person so fabricating something on my own wasn’t going to happen. I have an I-beam exposed in my basement and I never found a product that would be placed on it. PRO mountings came to my rescue with this pull up with yellow ends and I can now build muscles at the comfort of my home. No more gym memberships for me. Installing it was quite easy and it went up in a few minutes with just a couple of wrenches. Once the bolts were all tight, the clamp is secure and I have no fear of falling off.

It costs more than the kinds that you assemble to joists, ceilings or walls but it works for me. I did not like the thought of drilling into the ceilings of my new home and this PRO mountings pull up bar was the perfect one for me. I would recommend it to anyone.

Complains of the pull up bar not having enough grips have been received but PRO mounting pull up bar with three grip positions are sufficient enough for any chest and hand muscle build up.


The I-Beam Straight Pull Up Bar is well built, strong and secure and no problems will be experienced when using it. It comes well packed with all hardware to easily install it.