I-Beam Pull Up Bar / Chin Up Bar (Black Long Bar with Bent Ends) review


Made of strong steel material, PRO I-beam pull up bar, black long bar with bend ends is the ideal exercise equipment for all fitness lovers. Its three grip positions makes this I-Beam Pull Up Bar resourceful for people of any heights and muscle strength. With the ability to hold up anyone with up to four hundred and fifty pounds, this exercise equipment guarantees safety to use in gyms, outdoor training areas and homes.

Easy installation.

Pull up bars can be very hectic to install especially when installation involves a lot of hardware. This pull up bar by PRO mountings however is easy to install only requiring a small Allen wretch that comes along with the equipment. A Gerber multi-tool may also come in handy during installation.


Made of strong durable material, I-Beam Pull Up Bar bare is made to last. It can be used by military troops and commercial gym holding weights of above 120kgs. Home owners can also be comfortable with this equipment and kids can also play with it under adult supervision.

Features and specifications

  • Rubber grips to avoid sliding
  • All hardware included for installation
  • Bent ends guaranteeing safety
  • Sturdy to support heavy weights


  • Provided instructions on how to install making it an easy task.
  • Bent edges guaranteeing better performance.
  • Easy to install
  • Very safe to use

Customer reviews I-Beam Pull Up Bar is the best pull up bar I have used my entire workout life. If you are lucky enough to have an I-beam in your house, this is the best pull up for you to have. I went through several variants of power tower and doorway chin bars, and they simply had too much give for serious pull up. No need for drilling holes on wall and ceilings as this pull up bar will safely rest on your I-beam hustle free. Construction is top quality and having used it severally, am sure it will last a long time. My friends who also work out with it find it very resourceful. I am very happy to have found this.

I was skeptical that this one was worth the money, but when I priced out all the components myself, the price was almost the same a buying them separately. I like the bent edges and it looks very cool. The black color matches other pull up accessories I have in my basement and my space now has the perfect match of colors. It is very sturdy and does not need many tools to install, the provided Allen wrench will just do. My boys now come at my place during bad weather for practice and they always give positive comments about it.

Although this pull up bar does not come with optional accessories, using it on its own will also enhance muscle build up on the arms and chests.

Conclusion I-Beam Pull Up Bar is made of strong steel and has comfortable grips that will exceed your expectations and lets you focus on form and stamina of your body throughout the workout. Get it today.