Pull Up Bars Reviews and Comparison

Pull up bars are very important in ensuring that you keep a physically fit body, when you are physically fit you also avoid chances of diseases that are brought about by having an unfit body such as high blood pressure , diabetes and obesity. With this great role that pull up bars play in ensuring that the body is fit, the demand for this pull up bars have grown over the years, these has led to emergence of many pull up bar brands and products that it becomes hard to choose for most customers. With our reviews you are assured of great information on the best products in the market.

Pull Up Bars Comparison

Major types of pull up bars

Pull up bars are mostly categorized depending on where they are being installed. The major pull up bar types include;

  • Doorway pull-up bars, these type of pull up bars are mostly placed between the uprights of a door frame or hooked over the top frame of the door. This type is very easy to install and should always be removed from the doorway when they are not being used. This type of pull up bars are not effective in very narrow or very wide doors. The installation is also discouraged on very weak frames as they may cause accidents due to breakage.
  • Wall-mounted pull up bars, these type of pull up bars are done on walls, and these can be permanent and no need to have them removed every time you finish doing your workouts.
  • Ceiling mounted pull up bars- this type of pull up bars are done on ceilings, they are also done on permanent basis and allow for more types and a wide variety of pull up exercises.
  • The last type of pull up bars is the freestanding pull up bars which are much easier to install and assemble, they take more space than all the other types of pull up bars.

Pull-up bars are known to be very effective in strengthening and having the upper body well built. With a pull up bar one is able to have exercises for the chest, arms and the back all at the same time. This a workout equipment that offers great workouts.

Guide to the best pull up bars

It is very important before choosing a pull up bar to know what amount of space you have for the installation of the pull up bar. If it is a t home consider areas such as the gym, the garage and the strongest door. After that you should consider what type of exercises you will be doing, this will help you in deciding where you will have the pull up bar installed, for intense pull up exercises more space is needed. More on choosing the best pull up bar is explained below

Getting the best pull up bar requires one to consider the following factors in order to get the most effective depending on one’s needs;

  • Type of workouts; the type of workout will definitely determine which pull u bar you choose, some pull up bars can only be installed on door frames while others can be done on walls and ceilings. Those done on ceilings and walls offer a wider variety of workouts than the ones done on the wall frame. Some work outs require space and there need the much bigger pull up bars. Always put in mind the exercise type before getting a pull up bar.
  • Weight; the weight of the person using the pull up bar is a very important feature and consideration before getting a pull up bar, each pull up bar has a weight limit that it is supposed to handle.
  • Additional equipment and accessories; each pull up bar has certain accessories that must accompany it during installation and workouts. Some of the additional equipment will include pads for great comfort levels, weight lifting gloves for skin protection, weights to add to be added when doing the pull ups. choosing a pull up bar without considering such options may lead to choice of a less effective pull up bar.
  • Quality of the pull up bar is also very important in determining which pull up bar to take home,   quality is mostly determined by such things as stability of the pull up bar, the material used, the comfort levels and how effective the pull up bar in offering workouts. How tight the pull up bar is able to hold onto the door, ceiling or frame also determines how effective the pull up bar will be. The best way to get the best product is to carefully go through our pull up bar reviews. This way you will make an informed choice.
  • The price of the pull up bar also contributes greatly in the type of pull up bar you buy. Always get a product that has a fair price and has features that will effectively offer the workouts you need. The best price is also got by going through our different reviews, the prices may also depend on the brand of the pull up bar so it is paramount you compare both the price and the features of the pull up bar.
  • Assembly and installation are also very important features when choosing a pull up bar. Easy assembly is a plus for the pull up bar since you will not have to spend a lot of time on the assembly part. This is much important especially for the pull up bars that need to be removed on the door frame when you finish doing the exercises. Get a pull up bar that won’t give you a hard time during installation and assembly.
  • Place of installation, the position or place where you will have the   pull up bar installed will determine the type of pull up bar you choose. There are those that work perfectly on the door frame, on the ceiling and others on the wall, you will also be needed to know the exact measurements of your door when choosing a pull up bar.

The reviews on this site will provide the best guide in the choice of pull up bars.

Big Mike’s Fitness Deluxe Doorway Pull-Up Bar

This Big Mike’s Fitness Deluxe Doorway Pull-Up Bar is able to handle up to 300lbs. It is easy to use, has great adjustability and will last for a very long time. In terms of adjustability this pull up bar will fit in different door sizes and the pull up bar can be mounted on either high or low positions depending on whether you want to use it for chin -ups or sit- ups. This is a heavy duty pull up bar made of chrome plated steel bars, this feature makes it compact and very durable. The bar is covered with soft foam for maximum comfort when you are doing your exercises. This pull up bar also has screw-in brackets for safe and secure mounting. This is a great pull up bar for aerobic conditioning. With the great stability levels the pull up bar is very safe and has no play when being used. This pull up bar also has a great design, with a chrome finish and grips with foam which offer great comfort levels.

CFF Wall/Ceiling Mounted Pull Up Bar with 300-Pound Capacity

This CFF Wall/Ceiling Mounted Pull up Bar with 300-Pound Capacity is made to stand heavy use, with a straight forward installation procedure mounting will not give any complications. This pull up bar is able to support a weight of up to 300 pounds. It is a great quality grease gun especially due to the fact that it is made of very strong steel material. It has a 46 inch wide bar that is able to offer different positions for the hand grip. This pull up bar sits 30 inches out of the wall, this makes it very convenient for all the different types of pull up exercises without hitting the head or motion restriction.   When one gets this type of pull up bar you will have the mounting hardware and bolts provided. This pull up bar is also powder coated as a way to increase the grip on the bar. Stability is enhanced by 4 bolts on either side of the pull up bar.

Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar

The Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar is a very solid and compact pull up bar, the pull up bar doesn’t do any harm or destruction to your door no matter how long you use it. This pull up bar is highly recommended for push –ups, crunches, chin – ups and pull –ups  workouts. It is also very easy to assemble, the assembly manual is also available to guide you in the assembly process. This pull up bar has three grip positions, the narrow, neutral and wide which are very helpful in that they offer different workout positions which is a very effective way in ensuring the workouts are productive. This pull up bar has great stability levels.

Joist Mounted Pull Up Bar with Neutral Grip Handles

This Joist Mounted Pull Up Bar with Neutral Grip is able to offer great workouts without any restriction. Comfort is enhanced by the steel construction bar with neutral grips. The weight limit of this pull up bar is determined by where the pull up bar is mounted, on a strong place it will be able to handle unimaginable weights. This pull up bar has rips for muscle build up multiple, the grips range from the neutral to angled, multiple grips will suit for all pull up . With the knurled grip feature, safety is guaranteed due to the coarse texture which ensures no matter the sweating during exercises the grip is still very firm. This pull up bar has a chin up bar which is 48” long and comes along with different angles to give the user various positions to achieve the best pull up results. This chin up bar is strong enough to use with rings and other band devices for reverse pushups, dips and other various exercises. No need for breaks with this chin up bar as it can also be used for multiple functions. This pull up bar is able to handle weights of 300 lbs. The installation hardware and bolts are also provided once you buy this pull up bar. This pull up bar is well painted to prevent rusting, it can also be used with other different gym accessories like the l Ab straps, push up rings and gymnastic rings.

Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym

The Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym has a great and unique design, it is easy to install and offers great stability in all pull up workouts. This pull up bar has a variety grip positions which over a wide range of workouts for the user. With this pull up bar you can be able to do chin-ups, wide ups, military pull ups, wide pull ups and also the neutral pull ups with ease and great comfort levels. The pan tented handles of this pull up bar will prevent any destruction and marks on your door frame no matter the intensity of the workout. This pull up bar is very effective for complete upper body workout. It is also adjustable to fit standard door frames which are from 27 inches to 35 inches wide. This pull up bar is bought with a PDF user manual which helps all the different work out positions that one is able to do with this one. With this pull up bar there is no need for gloves since the handles are fully foamed to give great comfort even in the most intense workouts.

We have a wide range of pull up bar reviews, go through all of them to get the best pull up bar for your workouts.


With our reviews information the choice of a pull up bar has been simplified. The wide variety of pull up bars with different weight limits and brands will offer you the best pull up bar experience.

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